Act 1 Video Player

The best Android video player available!

If you want to try Act 1 before you buy, there is a free trial version on the Android Market. It is identical to the paid version except it's limited to 2 minutes of continuous playback, but you can try it for as long as you like. (If you buy the full version and you don't like it, you only have 24 hours to request a refund through the market, so it's better to try it for free.)

Reviews and Demos

Please consult your phone model's specs to know what kind of videos it can play. All can play 3gp, h263, and h264 baseline profile (iPod and iPhone compatible). Android does not include support for ALL mp4, just the baseline profile subset. Other videos will require conversion to a supported format. There is free desktop software that will do the job nicely.

About the permissions used by Act 1:

Storage (modify/delete SD card contents): This permission is needed so Act 1 can save bookmarks to the sdcard and delete videos upon your request.

Phone calls (read phone state and identity): This permission is needed so Act 1 can pause a video playing in the background when you receive a call (otherwise the video would keep playing while you take the call and really annoy you). This permission only gives the app the ability to know when calls begin and end and when the phone rings.

Internet: This permission is needed so Act 1 stream videos over the network using RTSP or HTTP. There is no internet traffic used other than the videos that you stream.

Here's a list of features you can find in Act 1:

Looking for videos to play? Try searching for ipod mp4 videos.

This application is actively developed and we depend on your email feedback to improve it.

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